Sleep disorders are diagnosed on a near-epidemic scale in the U.S. Many Americans are of the mindset that being a workaholic and getting little sleep is like a badge of honor. Others struggle with stress-induced insomnia, or other sleep disorders like sleep apnea. It’s important to understand that getting enough high-quality sleep is crucial for your overall health. When you deprive your body of the rest it needs, you could be placing yourself at a higher risk of certain chronic diseases.


Obesity is a serious disease that millions of Americans struggle with. One of the contributing factors of obesity is sleep deprivation. People who habitually sleep for fewer than six hours per night are at a higher risk of packing on the pounds. This could be in part because sleep deprivation triggers cravings for sugary junk foods, and it discourages people from getting regular exercise. Sleep deprivation also disrupts the body’s hormonal balance, which can wreak havoc with the body’s ability to regulate metabolism, appetite, and blood glucose.


The poor regulation of blood glucose caused by sleep deprivation can contribute to the onset of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that has life-threatening implications. If it isn’t managed properly, it places individuals at a higher risk of potentially fatal infections, limb amputations, heart disease, stroke, heart attack, and even blindness. 

Heart Disease

Even if you don’t have obesity or diabetes, poor sleep habits can still place you at risk of cardiovascular disease. If you already have hypertension, or high blood pressure, then just one night of not getting enough sleep can spike your blood pressure the following day. Over time, your risk of stroke and coronary heart disease can become elevated. 

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One of the major risk factors of sleep apnea is being overweight or obese. This is because people who are overweight tend to have extra tissue around the airways. When they lie down to go to sleep, the tissue can obstruct the airways, causing the temporary cessations in breathing that are characteristic of sleep apnea. Unfortunately, maintaining a healthy weight isn’t always enough to protect you from this sleep disorder. 

Obstructive sleep apnea can also be caused by the use of tranquilizers, sedatives, and alcohol, all of which relax the tissues around the airways. People who smoke are more likely to be diagnosed with sleep apnea, probably because it worsens fluid retention and causes inflammation in the throat area. Additionally, people with chronic nasal congestion may be diagnosed with this disorder.  

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Sleep medicine experts stress the importance of creating a sleep-friendly environment to promote both quality and duration of sleep. When you watch this video, you’ll hear about some simple strategies you can use to help you conquer sleep disorders like insomnia. 

This expert recommends keeping your bedroom comfortably cool, as being too hot at night can lead to tossing and turning. You should also eliminate sources of light from your room. Invest in blackout shades, and find an alarm clock that doesn’t have illuminated numbers. Keep TVs, smartphones, and computers out of your bedroom. The light emitted by these screens can interfere with your body’s production of melatonin, which helps you sleep. 

Sleep Dynamics provides a full range of sleep medicine services in New Jersey. If you suspect you might have a sleep disorder, or if you’ve been referred for a sleep study, you can get in touch with us at (848) 217-0240. 

Sleep medicine professionals have long known that many of their patients have co-occurring sleep disorders: insomnia and sleep apnea. And in fact, people often seek help for insomnia, not realizing that the problem is actually caused by their sleep apnea. This trend underscores the importance of getting a diagnosis from a professional, since trying to treat insomnia without treating sleep apnea can actually make the problem worse.

Signs and Symptoms

Part of the reason why it’s difficult to diagnose these co-occurring sleep disorders without conducting an overnight sleep study is that some of the symptoms are the same. They can both cause:

However, if you have sleep apnea in addition to your insomnia, you may notice some additional issues.

If you have a sleep partner, this individual may notice that you snore loudly at night, and that you wake up periodically, gasping for air. It’s common for patients with sleep apnea to be unaware that they’re waking up dozens of times each night.


People tend to self-diagnose insomnia, but this is problematic when it’s accompanied by sleep apnea. When sleep apnea causes insomnia, it’s essential to treat this underlying cause, rather than masking the symptoms with over-the-counter sleep aids. A provider can perform a sleep study to record your respiration, snoring, and heart rate while you snooze.


People with occasional insomnia may benefit from over-the-counter or doctor-prescribed sleep aids, along with improvements in sleep hygiene. However, these medications can worsen obstructive sleep apnea because they can relax the tissues around the throat. After being accurately diagnosed with these co-occurring sleep disorders, you can use a CPAP or oral appliance therapy to treat your sleep apnea. This will correct the underlying cause of your problem.

Insomnia and sleep apnea are two of the sleep disorders we can treat here at Sleep Dynamics. Our skilled sleep medicine specialists in Central New Jersey look forward to meeting you, and discussing your unique health challenges and solutions. You can request our next available appointment by calling (848) 217-0240.

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