Recently Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea? Here Is a Look at Your Treatment Options

Finding out that you have sleep apnea can be overwhelming. Many people don’t know that they have sleep apnea until a partner complains about their snoring or until they visit the doctor to discuss unexplained fatigue. Although sleep apnea may not always be detectable by the person who is suffering from it, it is a serious condition that can put you at risk of heart disease, stroke, weight gain, and fatigue-related accidents. Finding a treatment plan that works for you is crucial if you have been recently diagnosed. Here is a look at some of your options.  


CPAP Therapy 

CPAP therapy is probably the most widely recognized treatment for sleep apnea. During CPAP treatment, you wear a mask while you sleep that pushes out pressurized air. The air helps to keep your airway open, so it doesn’t collapse as you sleep and cause apnea episodes. Although CPAP therapy usually involves a period of adjustment as you get used to sleeping with the mask on and find the right level of air pressure for you, it can be extremely effective in helping sleep apnea sufferers get restorative sleep.  


Oral Appliance Therapy 

With oral appliance therapy, you wear a device in your mouth, similar to a sports mouth guard, while you sleep. The device gently pushes your jaw forward, which helps to keep the airway open. Oral appliance therapy is a good fit for people who cannot tolerate CPAP treatment or who prefer not to always have to take a CPAP machine with them when they travel.  


Lifestyle Changes 

There is a strong link between sleep apnea and obesity, so losing weight can be helpful if you have been diagnosed. Try to avoid things that can interfere with your sleep, such as excessive alcohol consumption, so that your body is ready to fall asleep when you get into bed.  


At Sleep Dynamics, we can diagnose sleep apnea through an overnight sleep study, and our sleep medicine providers can help you find a treatment that works for you. To schedule a consultation for sleep apnea treatment in New Jersey, call (848) 217-0240. 

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