man snoring keeping woman awake - man is a good candidate for oral appliance therapy

(Updated 2021.)


One treatment option for patients with sleep disorders is oral appliance therapy. It is a great alternative for patients who can’t tolerate their existing CPAP treatment, or when sleep apnea symptoms are mild. Sleep Dynamics has an in-house dental team that specializes in oral appliance therapy. Each oral appliance is custom made for individual fit. 

Patients Who Snore  

Many people snore frequently despite not having sleep apnea. For these individuals, CPAP treatment isn’t appropriate—but oral appliance therapy could be. A custom-fitted oral appliance can gently reposition the patient’s lower jaw to provide relief from snoring. By putting a stop to snoring, patients can achieve a better quality of sleep at night—and their partners can sleep better, too.

Patients with Mild Sleep Apnea 

Patients with severe sleep apnea are strongly encouraged to comply with CPAP treatment guidelines. These patients are generally not good candidates for oral appliance therapy because the devices cannot adequately control sleep apnea. However, oral appliances may be appropriate for patients with mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea. 

Patients Who Cannot Tolerate CPAP Treatment 

Even when sleep apnea is mild, the sleep specialist might still recommend that the patient try using a CPAP machine while sleeping. But a patient might discover that he or she simply cannot adjust to using the machine. Patients who become overly frustrated with CPAP machines may cease to use them altogether, which is not advisable. To ensure compliance with treatment recommendations, it may be necessary to switch from a CPAP machine to an oral appliance. 

Here at Sleep Dynamics, we’re proud to offer integrated alternative programs for sleep apnea care. Our Dental Sleep Medicine Program in Neptune City connects patients with specially trained sleep medicine dentists to treat sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy.

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