Everyone seems to know about insomnia – but what exactly is it? Basically, it’s being unable to continuously fall or stay asleep regularly. It’s not a disease or diagnosis in and of itself; instead, it’s a symptom that may be rooted in medical conditions or emotional problems, ranging from chronic pain, depression, shift work, or stress. Because of this, there is no one catch-all treatment that cures it in one fell sweep. That’s why we’re the insomnia specialists serving Monmouth and Ocean County’s in NJ. We’ll use our customized, integrated services to help you overcome your sleeping disorder.


At Sleep Dynamics, we employ physicians certified in sleep medicine who use the latest diagnostic technology to ensure a successful outcome for you. With physicians holding specialties in a broad variety of fields (including pulmonology, neurology and pediatric sleep medicine,) you can rest assured that our sleep treatment plan can handle anything thrown its way. If you suffer from insomnia, daytime fatigue or other sleep disorders, we can run a standard sleep test that monitors brain and body movement to help assess where to go from there.


Insomnia help can also come in the form of applying specific behavioral and cognitive treatments. Our sleep services offer comprehensive assessment and treatment, something vital in allowing patients to take the first step in recovery. Since there are different kinds of insomnia, ranging from conditioning to idiopathic insomnia, assessments include in-depth interviews, sleep diary activity, actigraphy monitoring, and behavior analysis. Because insomnia is often produced by conditioned factors, changes in sleep-related behaviors and attitudes can go a long way.

Techniques vary but include simple things like monitoring what you eat or drink, keeping a regular sleeping schedule, and staying active. You might be prescribed relaxation exercises focused on breathing or your muscles, such as meditation techniques or guided imagery. Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on helping you understand why you suffer from sleeping disorders and how to deal with them. Stimulus control, bright light therapy, and psychotherapy are all different forms of insomnia treatment.

So why not just pop a sleeping pill and drink some alcohol before bed? Simply put: the long-term side effects of dependence and brain impairment outweigh the short-term benefits. That’s why our sleep experts provide a wide, dynamic range of tools to help diagnose and treat sleep disorders. Suffering from insomnia doesn’t mean that there’s no cure; it’s possible to target the root of the problem and, with time, learn how to manage and live with it.

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