The relationship between depression and sleep disorders is complex and multifaceted. Depression can be a cause or side effect of sleep disturbances. At times, treating one may help to resolve the other. In other instances, both the depression and the underlying sleep disorder must be addressed separately. Here is what you need to know about how these conditions are linked.  

Depression as a Cause of Sleep Disorders 

People with depression frequently experience disrupted sleep. In fact, doctors consider changes in sleep habits when making a diagnosis of depression. People with depression may experience insomnia and struggle to either fall asleep or stay asleep, or they may experience excessive tiredness and sleep more than is normal for them. Not everyone who is diagnosed with depression will experience sleep problems, and not everyone who has insomnia or excessive fatigue is depressed. However, if you have been diagnosed with depression, talk to your doctor about your sleep habits, as poor sleep could exacerbate your depressive symptoms.  

Sleep Disorders as a Cause of Depression 

The opposite relationship also exists when it comes to sleep and depression. People who consistently experience sleep deprivation as a result of a sleep disorder may develop symptoms of depression. The physical and emotional toll of sleep deprivation and the resulting hormonal imbalances can all contribute to depressive feelings. Some people experience depression after being a sleep disorder diagnosis. For instance, narcolepsy can have an impact on a person’s everyday activities. There may be a period of depression after diagnosis. Anyone who has been diagnosed with a sleep disorder and is experiencing depression should discuss it with their doctor.  

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