Few things are as important to your health as a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, in spite of how much of our lives we spent asleep, many myths about how to get the rest you need still linger. Sleep medicine is dedicated to busting these myths to help people make smart decisions about their nighttime habits.  

This video helps to separate some of the common myths about sleep from the facts, based on sleep medicine studies. For instance, your phone will keep you up at night, but contrary to popular belief, dimming your screen won’t help. The mental stimulation of using your phone, and not the blue light, is to blame.  

ZZZ’s > Myths

  1. Sleeping during the day is better than no sleep, but still not ideal. Night-shift workers, in particular, are at higher risk of mental and physical disease.
  2. Don’t hit the snooze button! Set your alarm for when you need to get up to avoid sleep disruptions.
  3. Commit yourself to getting enough sleep. Many people believe they function just fine, but habitual insufficient sleep can lead to metabolic problems and mental and immunological health consequences. 
  4. Heat makes you lethargic, not sleepy. A bedroom temperature of 65-70° F is recommended for best sleep.
  5. Keep the TV out of the bedroom. This pre-sleep arousal has been shown to lead to sleep difficulties.

We Can Help!

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