“Snoring comes so easy to me – I can do it in my sleep.”

Jokes aside, snoring is the third leading factor in divorce in the United States! If it doesn’t split a couple up, it often leads to sleeping in separate rooms. 

Snoring is often the first sign of sleep apnea, but it’s not the same. It constricts your airways when you sleep and causes other symptoms such as daytime fatigue.

The best way to diagnose — and treat — snoring and sleep apnea is to see a sleep specialist, but your partner may not be willing at first. Read on to learn how to convince them to get a test for sleep apnea.

Record Their Snoring 

The ears actually protect snorers from hearing themselves. Even the loudest snores only wake them up for a moment. They can have 20-25 “microarousals” per hour, but they won’t remember them in the morning. 

If your partner doesn’t believe they’re a chronic snorer, they may need evidence. Record video or audio of them sleeping to help them understand how they sound and act at night.

It can even be helpful for their actual sleep test. The doctor can use it to get a picture of how your partner sleeps before they even begin analyzing them.

Be Empathetic but Factual

Not getting healthy sleep can irritate you and your partner. You may not be able to wake up with enough energy to speak calmly, but it’s important to try. You need to be as empathetic as possible when telling them why they need a sleep test.

Avoid talking about how their snoring makes you feel and tell them that they’re concerned for their health instead. Remind them that you want to help solve their sleep issues and improve both of your lives.

Once you’ve prepared them with a caring approach, move on to the facts. Explain why sleep apnea is a major concern that can cause problems outside the bedroom. Mention that it significantly increases their risk for conditions such as:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes

Walk Them Through a Sleep Study

Tell your partner what a test for sleep apnea will be like from start to finish. Look on the internet or speak to a sleep doctor to learn about their process.

A traditional test involves staying in a lab overnight. Some can be done at home in your bed. During an initial consultation with the doctor, they’ll be able to explain the study in even more detail. 

Decide Where to Get a Test for Sleep Apnea

Snoring can lead to health issues for the patient, and relationship issues for the couples. If you suspect your partner is grinding logs because they have sleep apnea, convince them to get tested.

Record their snoring as evidence when they don’t believe you. It’ll also help during the study. Let them know you want them to take the test because you care about them.

Explain how untreated sleep apnea is dangerous. Tell them what the test will be like so that it feels less overwhelming. 

Sleep Dynamics offers treatment and diagnosis for a range of sleep problems. Get a test for sleep apnea today.