If you suffer from insomnia, then you probably already know that traveling can often make your symptoms worse. In fact, even people who don’t typically experience insomnia often have difficulty sleeping when they are traveling. How can you get the rest you need to function on your business trip or vacation? Try these strategies to help you cope with your sleep disorder when you’re on the road.  

Book Wisely 

When you book your trip, spend time choosing a room that is going to make sleep as easy as possible for you. Try booking a room on the concierge level or suite level, where you will likely be higher up in the hotel and away from the action, or simply request a room on a high floor when making your reservation. You can also request a room that is not facing the street or near the elevator, so your space is as quiet and relaxing as possible.  

Pack for Comfort 

Bringing a few creature comforts from home can help you ease into sleep in a new place. Try packing your favorite pillow as well as a sleep mask and ear plugs. Some people find that bringing a candle or pillow spray in a soothing scent can be helpful. Pack comfortable pajamas and anything else you need to complete your normal sleep rituals. This may also include cuing up the television shows you like to watch on your tablet or making a playlist of your usual nightly tunes.  

Give It Time 

When you’re traveling, be sure to carve out enough time to sleep, so that you don’t perpetuate your insomnia by worrying about not getting enough sleep. This may mean going to bed earlier than you normally do, especially on the first few days of your trip as you adjust to your new environment.  

Insomnia can be both frustrating and debilitating for sufferers, but the sleep medicine experts at Sleep Dynamics can help you get the fulfilling rest you need. We offer comprehensive sleep disorder services, including diagnostic testing and multiple treatment options. To learn more about how we can help you conquer insomnia in Central New Jersey, please call (848) 217-0240.