narcolepsy diagnosis frequently causes mixed feelings in sufferers. They are relieved to have a reason for their symptoms, but may also feel overwhelmed by the need to manage their condition. One frequent issue is dealing with narcolepsy and its symptoms while on the job. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent narcolepsy from getting in the way of your career. Keep this advice in mind if you have been diagnosed with this serious sleep disorder.  

Seek Accommodations from Your Employer 

With the appropriate accommodations, narcolepsy doesn’t have to stand in the way of your job. Many people find that a flexible schedule lets them adjust their day as needed to deal with their symptoms. Although choosing to tell your employer about your condition is a personal decision, doing so will make it easier to get the accommodations you need. The Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for their employees. By telling him or her about your condition, you may be able to access these benefits.  

Take Steps to Increase Your Alertness 

There are things you can do off the clock to improve your alertness on the job. Focus on getting a good night’s sleep every night, sticking to a regular bedtime. When you’re at work, be as active as you can. If you have a desk job, walk around every 20 minutes or so to boost your energy. If you have tasks that are tedious, save them for your most wakeful periods.  

Tweak Your Medications 

If you are struggling to stay alert on the job, ask your sleep medicine specialist to help you adjust your medications. Dosages can be adjusted to ensure that you are getting the most benefit when you are on the clock. This can involve changing your doses and the time you take your medication.  

If you’re living with narcolepsy or suspect that you may be, contact Sleep Dynamics today to schedule a consultation with a sleep medicine specialist. To find out how we can help you manage your sleep disorder in New Jersey, please call (848) 217-0240.