Most people experience occasional difficulties with sleep, but people with sleep disorders have significant sleep disruptions that can affect their health and their everyday activities. If you believe you could have a sleep disorder, seeking a diagnosis is important. Treatments are available to help you get the rest you need every night for your health. Here is a closer look at some types of sleep disorders.  


Narcolepsy is a chronic condition that causes severe daytime sleepiness that can lead to uncontrollable bouts of sleep. People with this condition become so excessively tired that they cannot stop themselves from falling asleep, no matter what they are doing. Typically, the episodes last for seconds or minutes, but in rare cases, they can last an hour or more. Narcolepsy can have several different causes and is usually diagnosed with a multiple sleep latency test. Although narcolepsy can’t be cured, there are treatments that can control the symptoms. Getting care is important, as uncontrolled narcolepsy can be dangerous. Without treatment, people with narcolepsy can fall asleep while driving, cooking, or doing another activity that puts them in danger.  

Sleep Apnea 

Sleep apnea occurs when the airway in the throat closes while the sufferer is sleeping, thus causing him or her to stop breathing. People with sleep apnea then wake to gasp for air and fall back to sleep, only to repeat the cycle hundreds of times per night. Sleep apnea is diagnosed during a sleep study, and treatment options include CPAP and oral appliance therapy.  


Insomnia is actually a symptom rather than a diagnosis, but it can indicate a number of different health issues and robs people of the rest they need. A vast number of conditions, both physical and psychological, can trigger insomnia. Treatments for insomnia may involve medications to encourage sleep as well as treatment of the underlying condition.  

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