When looking for alternatives to CPAP therapy, people who have obstructive sleep apnea often come upon an option called oral appliance therapy. If you’re ready to sleep well without a machine, keep reading to learn about the basics of this treatment option. 

What It Is 

Oral appliance therapy, or dental sleep medicine, refers to treatments for sleep apnea and snoring that involve the use of an oral appliance. This option is non-surgical and offers many patients an effective alternative treatment to CPAP therapy. The custom fit appliance is similar in structure to an orthodontic retainer. It adjusts the position of the jaw, instead of the teeth.

Who It Benefits 

Dental appliances offer the best results for people who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea or snoring. For these patients, snoring is often reduced or eliminated. Most people sleep comfortably with the appliance after a just a few weeks.

Why It Is Ideal  

Many people favor oral appliances over CPAP because the oral appliance is small, lightweight, and easy to wear. Oral appliances also eliminate the need for cords and machines, which can provide better comfort and convenience for the wearer. Furthermore, using an oral appliance may reduce your sleep apnea-associated health risks without any need for surgery. 

How It Works 

After being fitted for a dental device by a qualified dentist, the patient wears the appliance while sleeping at night. By adjusting how the upper and lower jaws meet while the person rests, the appliance creates space at the back of the tongue to keep the airway unobstructed.

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