If you have a sleep disorder, then you know how much the fatigue can interfere with your everyday life. One area you might be overlooking, however, is just how dangerous it can be to get behind the wheel when you’re tired. Drowsy driving is dangerous beyond the obvious risk of falling asleep. 

This video examines the impact of lack of sleep on driving. Missing even two hours of sleep can significantly slow your reaction times and make you a threat to others when you’re behind the wheel. In some cases, drowsy driving can be as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.  

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates drowsy driving is responsible for 91,000 crashes, 50,000 injuries, and 800 deaths annually. However, these numbers are likely underestimated!

Who’s At Risk

  • Commercial Drivers
  • Shift Workers
  • Individuals on medications that create fatigue
  • Individuals who don’t get adequate sleep

Signs to Watch Out For

  • Yawning frequently
  • Missing turns or exits
  • Drifting into other lanes or rumble strips
  • Not remembering the last few minutes

How We Can Help

Don’t let a sleep disorder put your health and safety on the line. At Sleep Dynamics, our sleep medicine specialists can pinpoint the cause of your sleep disorder and help you get the rest you need. For more information about sleep medicine in New Jersey, please call us at 732-455-3030.