CPAP therapy can be life-saving for people with sleep apnea, but getting used to the mask can take time. If you find that you simply cannot tolerate CPAP treatment, alternatives are available, including oral appliance therapy. If you are adjusting to CPAP therapy, these tips will help. 

Wear the CPAP Mask During the Day 

Most people cannot put on their CPAP mask and sleep through the night on the first attempt. Try to adjust to your mask by wearing it during the day, such as while watching TV or reading a book. When that becomes comfortable, move towards wearing it during naps. Then try to wear it for as long as you can during the night, gradually building up until you can wear the mask while you sleep for an entire night. Keep in mind that the less you wear your mask, the harder it will be to get used to it. So commit to steadily increasing the amount of time you keep it on.  

Slowly Increase the Air Pressure 

For many people, the forced air of a CPAP machine is the main source of discomfort. If this is your complaint, ask your sleep specialist if your machine has a ramping feature. With ramping, your machine starts with low air pressure and gradually increases to the pressure prescribed by your doctor.  Ramping gives you the opportunity to adjust so your treatment becomes more comfortable. 

Keep a Positive Attitude 

It’s natural to feel frustrated when you find out you have sleep apnea and that you have to make a major life adjustment by wearing a CPAP mask when you sleep. Requiring a period of adjustment is normal, too. Focus on the fact that your CPAP treatment will make you feel better and protect you from the dangerous complications of sleep apnea, and you’ll find that your positive attitude makes adjusting to therapy easier.  

How We Can Help

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