When you’re traveling, sleep apnea doesn’t take a vacation. Since you can’t leave your symptoms at home, your CPAP treatment needs to come with you, but traveling with your CPAP can be challenging. Fortunately, a few simple tricks can make traveling with your CPAP machine easier than you may think. Follow this advice for stress-free traveling with your CPAP as your companion.  

Make Your CPAP a Carry-On 

If you’re traveling by plane, take your CPAP as a carry-on instead of putting it in your checked luggage. Because your CPAP is a medical device, it doesn’t count as part of your carry-on allowance. Bringing it on the plane with you means you will have your CPAP even if your luggage gets lost. Keep in mind that your CPAP will need to go through the X-ray machine at security. Consider bringing your prescription with you in case the security agents want to see it.  

Bring Battery Packs 

You can make your CPAP portable and easy to use anywhere by bringing a battery pack. Battery packs can typically last from one to three full nights of use before needing to be recharged, and they give you the ability to use your CPAP even if you don’t have a power source. If you don’t have a battery pack and will be staying at a hotel, bring an extension cord, as hotel rooms often don’t have plugs close enough to the bed to plug in your CPAP. 

Prepare for Plane Use 

If you will be flying overnight, it’s possible to use your CPAP on the plane. Contact your plane in advance, as some airlines want to verify the usability of your device on planes before your trip. Your CPAP may also need a sticker saying that it meets FAA regulations.  

If you have questions about using CPAP therapy on the go, talk to your specialist at Sleep Dynamics. We’re committed to helping every patient fit sleep apnea treatment into their lives, whether they choose CPAP therapy or an oral appliance. Contact our sleep medicine team near Central New Jersey at (848) 217-0240.