A sleep apnea diagnosis used to mean a lifetime of sleeping in a CPAP mask. CPAP treatment is highly effective for individuals with moderate-to-severe sleep apnea, but not all patients find it comfortable. Some people end up simply trading sleep apnea for insomnia instead, because CPAPs just don’t work for them. Now, there is a new alternative solution – dental sleep medicine.  

Our dental therapy options use oral appliances instead of a CPAP for sleep apnea treatment. The oral appliance, which is custom-made to ensure a comfortable fit, gently shifts the user’s lower jaw forward. This opens the airway, allowing for breathing that is not disrupted during sleep. Oral appliance therapy is an effective alternative treatment option for people who cannot wear a CPAP mask, or who simply want a different way to deal with and manage their sleep apnea.  

Dental Sleep Medicine + You

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