Sleepless nights happen now and then for most people. In many instances, a person who struggles to sleep one night feels tired the next day and goes to bed early, dropping off as soon as his or her head hits the pillow. For other people, sleepless nights persist for many nights a row, leaving them feeling fatigued, run-down, depressed, and anxious. This kind of insomnia can be extremely dangerous to both your physical and emotional health, but how do you know it’s time to get a doctor involved? If you’re suffering from insomnia, here are some of the signs that you should call a sleep medicine specialist.  

Your insomnia is persistent.  

If you experience a night or two of sleep difficulties, but you normally sleep well, then generally, you don’t need to give your doctor a call. However, when your insomnia symptoms last for more than four weeks, it’s time to consult with your physician or a sleep medicine specialist. If you are noticing signs that your lack of sleep is interfering with your everyday tasks, call your provider even if it hasn’t yet been four weeks.  

You feel short of breath.  

Insomnia sometimes occurs alongside sleep apnea. During sleep apnea, the muscles in your throat relax when you sleep, closing your airway and making it difficult to breathe. People with sleep apnea wake possibly hundreds of times during the night to gasp for air. If you notice you feel short of breath when you’re trying to sleep, ask your provider if you need a sleep apnea test.  

You have other symptoms.  

If your inability to sleep is accompanied by physical pain or mood changes, it is a good idea to consult with your physician. These symptoms could indicate that an underlying health problem is to blame for insomnia. Treating the underlying issue may allow you to finally get the rest you need.  

At Sleep Dynamics, our sleep medicine specialists in New Jersey use a variety of sleep tests and treatments for sleep disorders to help patients get the rest that they need. If you’re concerned about your insomnia symptoms, call us at (848) 217-0240 to make an appointment.