Ambient Noise + Sleep

While you’re asleep, your brain is still capable of registering noises. It’s why sudden, loud sounds can wake you up. But white noise is different. It provides a steady, soothing background sound that can muffle sudden noises. This calming sound is created by combining sounds of different frequency but similar amplitude (decibel level.)

Many people with insomnia find it easier to fall asleep & stay asleep through the night if they use white noise in the bedroom. Ambient noise may be particularly helpful for young children or those living in louder urban neighborhoods. However, shift workers may benefit the most, since they must sleep during the day while the rest of the household is active. 

Sleep Benefits

woman in bed with journal

As mentioned above, you sleep more soundly since noises are less likely to disrupt your sleep. Many people have no idea how much they actually wake up during the night! But white noise also has benefits before you sleep.

White noise can be part of an effective nighttime ritual, which helps prepare your mind and body to sleep. Additionally, the steady sound may help reduce anxiety in those who tend to “overthink” or worry about tomorrow as they lie in bed.

White Noise Machines

woman sleeping with white noise machine

Consider adding white noise to your sleep plan. A white noise machine can help create an ideal sleep environment. Many machines can be set to different sounds, like rain or ocean waves. And most can be purchased for well under $100. Or, just run a fan or an air purifier in your bedroom at night. 

Bonus: most machines available are compact and easy to travel with – a boost when sleeping in unfamiliar locations.

Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Sleep Dynamics offers therapy programs in New Jersey that helps individuals resolve sleep disorders with non-drug techniques. Behavior therapy includes components like sleep hygiene & the use of cognitive techniques. If you’re struggling with insomnia, call us today at (732) 455-3030.