Narcolepsy is a serious sleep disorder that requires careful management by a sleep medicine specialist. With proper treatment, many people who suffer from narcolepsy can reduce their risk of experiencing complications dramatically.  

One of the most distressing complications to many people with narcolepsy is the general lack of understanding about their condition. Some people assume that someone with narcolepsy is lazy and unmotivated because of their excessive drowsiness. Narcolepsy can also interfere with personal relationships because it diminishes sex drive and because intense feelings can trigger symptoms. There is also the risk of physical harm that is caused by uncontrolled sleep attacks.  

The first key to treating narcolepsy is getting an accurate diagnosis. Sleep Dynamics offers overnight sleep studies and maintenance of wakefulness tests in New Jersey that can help you get the answers you need about your symptoms. To schedule sleep testing, please dial (848) 217-0240.